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 538/09/COL 16.12Opening formal investigationSale of land in the municipality of Asker  PR(09)95 C 184
p. 10
 537/09/COL 16.12Opening formal investigation
The financing of the fitness centre at the Kippermoen Leisure Centre PR(09)94

C 184
p. 5

 536/09/COL 16.12No objectionsBudget increases for the Norwegian Energy Fund and the tightening of the rules on eligibility for aid under its wind programme PR(09)93 C 174 1.7.2010     p. 13
 492/09/COL 2.12No aidAlleged state aid in favour of Norsk Tipping AS - L 157 24.6.2010   p. 12
 491/09/COL 2.12Opening formal investigationAlleged state aid granted to companies belonging to the Norsk Film group PR(09)86 C 174 1.7.2010 p. 3
 470/09/COL 25.11No aidThe sale of “Slaktehustomten” [property 168/321] in Bergen municipality PR(09)82 C 67 18.3.2010 p. 11
390/09/COL 7.10Positive/
The establishment of Mesta AS PR(09)67

L 300
p. 1

387/09/COL 7.10No aid

The sale of Youngstorget 2 AS

- C 47 25.2.2010 p. 23
378/09/COL 30.9Closing caseThe financing of fitness centres operated by the Student Welfare Association of Bergen -  -
23.7No aid

The property transactions engaged in by the Municipality of Time concerning property numbers 1/152, 1/301, 1/630, 4/165, 2/70, 2/32.

PR(09)64 L 123 12.5.2011 p. 72
342/09/COL 23.7Negative

An exemption from the Norwegian CO2 tax on gas and LPG on the use of gas for purposes other than the heating of buildings

PR(09)63 L 226 1.9.2011 p. 12

Tax benefits for certain cooperatives

PR(09)65 L 158
p. 39
329/09/COL 15.7Positive

Support for alternative, renewable heating and electricity savings in private households

PR(09)60 L 70 17.3.2011 p. 49

Proposing appropriate measures

The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

PR(09)50 -
305/09/COL 8.7No aid, phase 2

The power sales agreement entered into by Notodden municipality and Becromal Norway AS.

PR(09)52 L 49 24.2.2011 p. 44 
8.7No aid

Alleged aid being granted to Bjørndalen Eiendom AS

- C 294 3.12.2009 p. 15
290/09/COL 1.7No aid, phase 2/
Aid granted in the airline pilot education sector in Troms County PR(09)49 L 78
p. 59


1.7No objections

The prolongation of the support schemes to audiovisual productions, film related activities and film production companies

PR(09)48 C 259 29.10.2009 p. 31 
27.5Closing case

Alleged unlawful state aid to the undertaking NordBook AS (former Rotanor Bokproduksjon AS)

- L 282 29.10.2009 p. 41
235/09/COL 20.5No objections

The Temporary Small Aid Scheme

PR(09)40 L 46 19.2.2011 p. 59
205/09/COL 8.5

No objections

The scheme for temporary recapitalisation of fundamentally sound banks in order to foster financial stability and lending to the real economy

PR(09)39 L 29 3.2.2011
p. 36
6.5No aid

An Incentive Scheme for the establishment of new routes from Norwegian airports

PR(09)38 C 247 15.10.2009  p. 11 
193/09/COL 22.4No objections

The establishment by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation of a digital archive for the education sector

PR(09)36 C 247 15.10.2009 p. 9
22.4No objections

Investments in infrastructure at Skien - Geiteryggen Airport

PR(09)35 C 230 24.9.2009 p. 16
31.3No objections

Amendments to the Norwegian Special Tax System for Shipping

PR(09)33 C 230 24.9.2009 p. 17
180/09/COL 31.3No objections

The aid schemes for audiovisual productions and development of screenplays and educational measures


C 236 1.10.2009 p. 5

179/09/COL 31.3No objections
The Route Development Fund Bodø PR(09)31 C 241 8.10.2009  p. 17
167/09/COL 27.3No aid, phase 2

The lease and sale of Lista air base

PR(09)30 L 38
p. 86
69/09/COL 18.2No objections

The Bioenergy Scheme

PR(09)15 C 156 9.7.2009 p. 16
36/09/COL 30.1No aid

The Agreement between the Norwegian State and Eksportfinans ASA concerning state funding of Eksportfinans

PR(09)09 C 156 9.7.2009 p. 17
27/09/COL 29.1No objections

The carbon capture and storage project at Kårstø

PR(09)06 C 150 2.7.2009
p. 8 

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