Norway 2007 - State aid register

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OJ-referenceRelated EFTA Court procedure
719/07/COL 19.12Opening formal investigation

The proposed scheme concerning tax benefits for cooperative societies

PR(07)61 C 96 17.4.2008 p. 27  
718/07/COL 19.12

Opening formal investigation

The sale of power from Tinfos power plant by the Municipality of Notodden to Becromal Norway AS

PR(07)60 C 96 17.4.2008 p. 21  
717/07/COL 19.12

Opening formal investigation

Property transactions engaged in by the Municipality of Time

PR(07)59 C 138 5.6.2008 p. 30  
716/07/COL 19.12Opening formal investigation

Scheme on support for alternative, renewable heating and electricity savings in private households

PR(07)58 C 96 17.4.2008 p. 14  
660/07/COL 12.12PositiveAid granted to Hurtigruten for increased social security costs in 2004 PR(07)55 L 48 25.2.2010 p. 19  
12.12No objectionsThe Nyvekst aid scheme for newly created small enterprises PR(07)54 C 96 17.4.2008 p. 2  
28.11No objectionsSupport in favour of Celsa Ameringsstål to reduce mercury emissions PR(07)48 C 175 10.7.2008 p. 10  
597/07/COL 23.11Opening formal investigation

The tax exemption from the Norwegian CO2 tax on gas and LPG for the use of gas for purposes other than heating of buildings

PR(07)46 C 146 12.6.2008 p. 2  


10.10No objections

The prolongation of the reduced electricity tax for the regions of Finmark and North Troms

PR(07)41 C 40 14.2.2008 p. 4  


12.9No objections

The modification of the scheme on Centres for Research-based Innovation

PR(07)38 C 40 14.2.2008 p. 3  


18.7Opening formal investigation

The reorganisation of the Norwegian Public Road Administration and the establishment of Mesta AS

PR(07)34 C 310 20.12.2007 p. 5  


18.7No aid

The Norwegian Road Administration Møre and Romsdal District Office

- C 310 20.12.2007 p. 30  


6.6Opening formal investigation

The sale and the rent of Lista air base

PR(07)22 C 250 25.10.2007 p. 28  



Aid granted in connection with Article 3 of the Norwegian Act on compensation for value added tax (VAT)

PR(07)19 L 249 18.9.2008 p. 35  


24.4No objections

The regional transport aid scheme

PR(07)14 C 266 8.11.2007 p. 6  


18.4Closing formal investigation

R&D aid granted by the Research Council of Norway in connection with the development of the software programme Turborouter

PR(07)13 L 249 18.9.2008 p. 23  


27.2No aid

Public financing of municipal day-care institutions 

- C 207 6.9.2007 p. 6 E-5/07


27.2No objections

Norwegian Centres for Research-based Innovation 

PR(07)05 C 250 25.10.2007 p. 27  


14.2No objections

The prolonged and amended scheme for reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from vessels in the Norwegian Shipping Register

PR(07)04 C 250 25.10.2007 p. 26  

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