Norway 2011 - State aid register

Decision number DateType Title Press release OJ-reference

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393/11/COL 14.12Opening formal investigationThe sale of Narvik municipality's entitlement to concession power to Narvik Energi AS PR(11)77 C 121 26.4.2012
p. 5

311/11/COL 12.10No aidAlleged aid granted to Nasjonal digital læringsarena (NDLA) PR(11)68 C 92 29.3.2012
p. 3
299/11/COL 5.10No objectionsThe incorporation of the Norwegian scheme on support for alternative, renewable heating and electricity savings in private households into the Norwegian Energy Fund Scheme  PR(11)67 C 10 12.1.2012 p. 4  
249/11/COL 18.7

No objections

Aid to Sway Turbine AS  PR(11)60

C 314
27.10.2011 p. 3

18.7No objectionsThe Norwegian Energy Fund scheme PR(11)59

C 314
27.10.2011 p. 4

232/11/COL 13.7NegativeThe sale of land at Nesøyveien 8, gnr. 32 bnr. 17 in the municipality of Asker - L 323
p. 32
231/11/COL 13.7No objectionsThe rapid deployment of a Next Generation Access network in rural areas of the municipality of Tromsø PR(11)50

C 10 2.1.2012 p. 5

205/11/COL 29.6NegativeThe Supplementary Agreement on the Hurtigruten service - L 175 5.7.2012 p.19 E-10/11 and E-11/11
204/11/COL 29.6No aid, phase 2/
Closing formal investigation
Alleged state aid granted to companies belonging to the Norsk Film group PR(11)44 L 287 18.10.2012
p. 14 
176/11/COL 1.6

Closing formal investigation

The financing of the fitness centre at the Kippermoen Leisure Centre - L 23 26.1.2012 p. 12  
144/11/COL 19.5No objectionsTemporary NOx tax exemption for undertakings encompassed by an environmental agreement with the State on the implementation of measures to reduce emissions of NOx in accordance with a predetermined environmental target PR(11)33 C 278 18.5.2011 p. 7  
125/11/COL 13.4No aidLease agreement between Skedsmo municipality and Akershus Energi Varme AS dated 3 December 2009 PR(11)28 C 222
p. 7
110/11/COL 6.4No objectionsAid to Midtfjellet Vindkraft AS for the Midtfjellet wind park PR(11)27 C 314
27.10.2011 p. 2
96/11/COL 29.3No objectionsInvestment aid to Notodden airport, Tuven PR(11)26 C 278 22.9.2011 p. 8  
89/11/COL 23.3No objectionsThe modification of the scheme on Centres for Research-based Innovation PR(11)24 C 197
p. 7 
68/11/COL 16.3No objectionsAid to Troms Kraft Produksjon AS for Fakken wind park PR(11)15 C 182 23.6.2011 p.10  
56/11/COL 2.3No aidThe guarantee scheme for the purchase of electric power on long term contracts  PR(11)11 C 169 9.6.2011 p. 12   
39/11/COL 9.2No objectionsAid to Finnfjord AS for an energy recovery system PR(11)06 C 278 22.9.2011 p. 6  
9/11/COL 26.1No objections
The Innovation Cluster scheme PR(11)01 C 222
p. 9

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