Norway 2012 - State aid register

Decision Number Date Type Title Press release Published in OJRelated EFTA Court procedure
519/12/COL 19.12No aid, phase 2/
Closing formal investigation

AS Oslo Sporveier and AS Sporveisbussene

PR(12)84 L 276 17.10.2013
p. 8 
518/12/COL 19.12No objectionsAid to Eidsiva Bioenergi AS for the construction of renewable district heating in Gjøvik, Oppland PR(12)83 C 193 4.7.2013
p. 11
459/12/COL 5.12No aidThe construction of the Bømlabadet aquapark in the Municipality of Bømlo PR(12)78 C 193 4.7.2013
p. 9
289/12/COL  11.7No aidAlleged state aid granted to Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovasjonspark AS    C 384
p. 7
260/12/COL 4.7 No aid/
No objections
Skien Airport   C 376
p. 5
246/12/COL 27.6Opening formal investigationCharter Fund for Northern Norway PR(12)37

C 291 27.9.2012  
p. 2 

245/12/COL 27.6No aidAndøy Municipality's sale of shares in A.H. Holding AS   C 376
p. 3


9.5No objectionsAid to Akershus Energi Varme AS for the construction and expansion of district heating and cooling infrastructure in Lillestrøm, Strømmen and Nitteberg  PR(12)23 C 284 20.9.2012
p. 14 
157/12/COL 9.5No aid, phase 2The sale of land gnr 271/8 by Oppdal municipality PR(12)24 L 350
p. 109
137/12/COL 19.4No objectionsAid to Södra Cell Tofte AS PR(12)20 C 284 20.9.2012
p. 13
123/12/COL 28.3Closing case/
Opening formal investigation
AS Oslo Sporveier and AS Sporveisbussene PR(12)18 C 204 12.7.2012
p. 15
91/12/COL 15.3No objectionsAid for the Development Phase of the Mongstad CCS Facility PR(12)14 C 284 20.9.2012
p. 12
90/12/COL 25.3NegativeThe sale of certain buildings at the Inner Camp at Haslemoen Leir PR(12)13 L 48
p. 33

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