Norway 2013 - State aid register


Decision number DateTypeTitle Press release OJ-referenceRelated EFTA Court procedure 
479/13/COL 4.12 No objectionsThe prolongation of 4 regional aid schemes until 30 June 2014 PR(13)86
C 66 6.3.2014 p. 8 
478/13/COL 4.12No objectionsThe prolongation of the Norwegian regional aid map 2007-2013 until 30 June 2014 PR(13)86  C 66 6.3.2014 p. 7 
460/13/COL 20.11Proposing appropriate measures
Aid granted to publicly owned hospital pharmacies in Norway PR(13)84  - 
445/13/COL 13.11Opening formal investigationAdditional aid from Innovation Norway to Finnfjord AS  PR(13)83 C 108 10.4.2013 p. 2 
355/13/COL 25.9No objectionsThe Compensation of Indirect Emission Costs
PR(13)76  C 347 28.11.2013 p. 9  
320/13/COL 11.9

No objections

Individual aid to the NCE Systems Engineering innovation cluster PR(13)75  C 347 28.11.2013 p. 7   
319/13/COL 11.9No objectionsIndividual aid to the NCE Maritime innovation cluster  PR(13)74 C 347 28.11.2013 p. 10  
304/13/COL 10.7No objectionsAid to Elkem AS for an energy recovery system PR(13)64 C 330 14.11.2013 p. 7  
303/13/COL 10.7ConditionalCharter Fund Scheme for Northern Norway  PR(13)63 L 107 10.4.2014 p. 69  
267/13/COL 26.6Proposing appropriate measuresThe financing of safety training courses by county schools PR(13)57 - 
259/13/COL 19.6No aid, phase 2Potential aid to Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)  PR(13)53 C 290 5.10.2013 p. 9 (corr) 
258/13/COL 19.6No aid, phase 2The sale of Narvik municipality's entitlement to concession power to Narvik Energi AS (“NEAS”) PR(13)54  L 343 19.12.2013 p. 63 
181/13/COL 8.5No aid/
Closing case
Alleged aid to Kollektivtransportproduksjon AS (“KTP”), Oslo Vognselskap AS and Unibuss AS PR(13)41 C 263 12.9.2013 p. 7E-19/13
176/13/COL 30.4No aidAlleged state aid to Redningsselskapet for its provision of ambulance transport services by maritime vessel PR(13)39 C 263 12.9.2013 p. 9 
175/13/COL 30.4

Acceptance of appropriate measures

The fitness centre at Kippermoen Leisure Centre PR(13)38 C 263 12.9.2013 p. 8 
174/13/COL 30.4Acceptance of appropriate measures
The financing of municipal waste collectors  PR(13)37 C 263 12.9.2013 p. 5  
160/13/COL 24.4No aidAlleged state aid to lessors of premises to public schools
  C 263 12.9.2013 p. 6 E-8/13
144/13/COL 10.4No aidAlleged aid to services provided by Bergen Kirkelige Fellesråd and Akasia PR(13)28 C 229 8.8.2013
p. 16 
136/13//COL 27.3Opening formal investigationNasjonal digital læringsarena (NDLA) PR(13)26 C 229 8.8.2013
p. 31
129/13/COL 20.3Proposing appropriate measures
Analysis Centre Trondheim PR(12)23  - 
127/13/COL 20.3No aidThe pricing mechanism of Export Credit Norway PR(13)22 C 182 27.6.2013 p. 9  
104/13/COL 13.3No objectionsNational Seed Capital scheme PR(13)20 C 193 4.7.2012
91/13/COL 27.2Proposing appropriate measures
The financing of municipal waste collectors PR(13)16  - 
90/13/COL 27.2Proposing appropriate measures
The fitness centre at Kippermoen Leisure Centre PR(13)17  - 
74/13/COL 20.2No objectionsAid to Norcem AS for the Construction of a Carbon Capture Research Facility at its Cement Plant in Brevik PR(13)12 C 182 27.6.2013 p. 11  
60/13/COL 6.2Opening formal investigationPotential aid to public bus transport providers in Aust-Agder County PR(13)07 C 118 25.4.2013
p. 4

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