Norway 2015 - State aid register

Decision number Date TypeTitle Press release OJ-referenceRelated EFTA Court procedure 
490/15/COL 9.12Opening formal investigationCoastal Agreement for Hurtigruten Maritime Services 2012-2019 PR(15)60 C 263 30.6.2016 p. 29  
489/15/COL 9.12
Opening formal investigation
The exemption rule for ambulant services under the scheme on differentiated social security contributions 2014-2020
PR(15)59 C 263 30.6.2016 p. 21  
478/15/COL 25.11No objectionsProlongation of the CLIMIT Demo aid scheme  PR(15)58 C 73
p. 9

476/15/COL 11.11No objectionsIndividual aid in favour of Tizir Titanium & Iron AS for the construction of a demonstration plant at Tyssedal PR(15)53 C 73
p. 8
4.11No aid, phase 2Alleged state aid to Innovation Norway, the Regional Tourist Boards and the Destination Management Organisations PR(15)52 L 166 29.6.2017 p. 58  
468/15/COL 4.11No objectionsAn adjustment to the duration and the conditions for eligibility of the Charter Fund Scheme for Northern Norway
C 52
p. 17
444/15/COL 28.10No objectionsSix months prolongation of the refund schemes for seafarers PR(15)48 C 52
p. 16
357/15/COL 23.9PositiveClosure of formal investigation into aid to Sandefjord Fotball AS
PR(15)45 L 152
p. 59
336/15/COL 16.9No objectionsProgramme for alternative fuels infrastructure
PR(15)43 C 52
p. 15
249/15/COL 24.6No objectionsEvaluation plan for the block exempted Skattefunn aid scheme
PR(15)26 C 81 16.3.2017 p. 7  
225/15/COL 10.6No objectionsTransfer of land to Vålerenga Fotball
PR(15)25 C 331 8.10.2015
p. 5
179/15/COL 7.5Closing formal investigation/
Aid to public bus transport in the County of Aust-Agder
PR(15)18 L 292 27.10.2016 p. 12  E-1/17
178/15/COL 7.5No objectionsTemplarheimen swimming and bathing facility in municipality of Tromsø
PR(15)19 C 282 27.8.2015 p. 2  
150/15/COL 21.4No aid/
No objections
State aid measures in favour of electric vehicles
PR(15)17 C 232 16.7.2015 p. 13
110/15/COL 8.4NegativeAdditional aid from Innovation Norway to Finnfjord AS
L 152
p. 47
84/15/COL 18.3No aidAlleged cross-subsidisation of maritime courses provided by Redningsselskapet and the University of Tromsø 
PR(15)11 C 193 11.6.2015 p. 9
64/15/COL 25.2Acceptance of appropriate measuresThe financing of the Analysis Centre Trondheim
C 193 11.6.2015 p. 8
37/15/COL 4.2No objectionsEnvironmental aid in favour of Hydro Aluminium AS PR(15)02 C 193 11.6.2015 p. 6
36/15/COL 4.2Acceptance of appropriate measures
Publicly owned hospital pharmacies in Norway
PR(15)03 C 193 11.6.2015 p. 7  

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