Norway 2017 - State aid register

Decision numberDate Type TitlePress releaseOJ-reference
228/17/COL 19.12 No  objections 

Tax reductions on zero emission vehicles

PR(17)41 C 107 22.3.2018 p. 10
15.12No objectionsEmployee share options PR(17)39 C 88 8.3.2018
214/17/COL 14.12No objections
The Norwegian Special Tax System for Shipping 2018-2027
C 88 8.3.2018 p.17
156/17/COL 14.9No objections
Amendment to the tax and social security contributions refund scheme for employing seafarers 2016-2026 (NIS deep sea)
C 429 14.12.2017 p. 27
146/17/COL 8.8No objectionsContinued financing of CO2 Technology Centre MongstadPR(17)27 C 377 9.11.2017 p. 9
Document No 867262
26.7Closing caseForeign undertaking excluded from differentiated social security tax in 2007
145/17/COL25.7No objectionsHydrogen refuelling stations in AkershusPR(17)26 C 377 9.11.2017 p. 8
143/17/COL 13.7No objectionsProlongation and modification of the Charter Fund Scheme for Northern NorwayPR(17)23 C 333 5.10.2017 p. 8 
112/17/COL27.6No objectionsIndividual aid in favour of Ranheim Energi ASPR(17)21  C 313
p. 4
109/17/COL23.6No objections

Six-month prolongation of the special tax system for shipping

PR(17)20  C 313
p. 3
103/17/COL20.6No objectionsIncreased budget of an aid scheme for short sea shipping servicesPR(17)19  C 303 14.9.2017 p. 5
Document No 857101
13.6Closing caseAlleged unlawful state aid to Norges Statsbaner--
094/17/COL31.5PositiveThe exemption rule for ambulant services under the scheme on differentiated social security contributions 2014-2020PR(17)18   L 99 19.4.2018 p. 18
070/17/COL 29.3PositiveThe Coastal Agreement for Hurtigruten Maritime Services 2012-2019PR(17)11 L 158 21.6.2018 p. 19
064/17/COL 29.3No aidAlleged aid involved in an exemption from air passenger tax for departures from Norwegian airportsPR(17)12 C 198 22.6.2017 p. 5
045/17/COL16.3No objectionsThe financing of “Concept and FEED Studies” on full-scale CO2 capture and storagePR(17)09  C 198 22.6.2017 p. 4

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