Preliminary assessments

These letters represent the Competition and State Aid Directorate's informal preliminary assessment of a case. The cases are closed. The preliminary assessments are made available for information purposes.

Comfort letters to the Contracting Parties

 DateTitleRelated decision
1.2.2018 The Gjøa Agreement and its supplementary agreement  
14.7.2017 Proposed prolongation of the support scheme relating to temporary reimbursement in respect of filmmaking in Iceland
11.10.2016Railway undertakings transporting goods - compensation for cancellations  
23.2.2016 A new labour market measure (AFT)   
21.10.2015 Sale of four properties by Oslo municipality  127/16/COL
14.9.2015 Compensation of pension costs of certain Norwegian child welfare institutions   
23.6.2015Amendments to the taxation of hydroelectric power plants  
16.4.2015 Public service compensation to finance a broadband network in Hvalfjarðarsveit
19.7.2013Public service compensation to Farice  
3.2.2012New scheme on the financing of private kindergartens in Norway  

Letters to complainants

 Date TitleRelated decision
5.2.2020 Road to Rønvik
31.1.2020  Sølyst park area
20.12.2019 Alleged aid to World Class
9.10.2019 Inderøy

20.12.2018 Perpetuum treatment and handling of waste
10.10.2018Leangbukten Båtforenings Andelslag 
11.1.2018 Football Stadium Sandnes Municipality  
20.12.2017Statnett grid construction (complaint 3, letter 2)
20.12.2017 Statnett grid construction (complaint 2, letter 2)
5.10.2017Labour market schemes in Norway 
26.7.2017 Cross-subsidisation of maritime safety courses by public schools
11.7.2017Sale of land by Nesna municipality
19.6.2017 Foreign undertaking excluded from differentiated social security tax in 2007

Document No 867262

Statnett grid construction (complaint 3, letter 1)
Statnett grid construction (complaint 2, letter 1)  
24.4.2017Statnett grid construction (complaint 1)
The duty free zone at Keflavik airport

13.3.2017 Alleged unlawful state aid to Norges Statsbaner

Document No 857101

Green certificates to pre-existing hydro power
20.12.2016 DAB introduction - FM shutdown in road tunnels
20.12.2016DAB introduction - FM shutdown (complaint 2) 
20.12.2016 DAB introduction - FM shutdown (complaint 1)
19.4.2016Lyngen municipality - sale of property
18.4.2016 Alleged unlawful aid to Norcem AS, Heidelberg Cement Group, NOAH AS and Gjelsten Holding AS

30.3.2016Construction of industrial road and tunnel to a new silicon factory site in Iceland
9.7.2014 Gaustadtoppen Skisenter AS

19.5.2014Sale of school property in Sirdal
17.7.2013Sandefjord Football 357/15/COL

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